C.R.E.A. Cultura Festival
Foligno | 20-21-22 MarCH 2024

CRHACK LAB FOLIGNO 4D is an association of social development that was founded in Foligno in November 2019 with the aim of supporting young people to develop an addiction to innovative thinking and acquire a conscious digital practical culture, exposing them in advance to the most cutting-edge technologies to prepare them for the new jobs that will arise in the next decade.

Each year, the association organizes the C.R.E.A. Cultura Festival, calling together all calling together all School Institutes of all levels that have carried out a project or initiative in the cultural, civic or social sphere, exploiting the new digital technologies, and that are interested in offering their teachers and students the opportunity to disseminate the results and get in touch with other national and international realities.

Participation in the C.R.E.A. Cultura Festival iscompletely free of charge and includes the possibility of accessing the exhibition spaces, setting up a stand to promote one’s Institute, organizing and/or participating in experiential workshops, attending workshops organized by CRHACK LAB F4D and our partners, and visiting the city’s cultural heritage sites for free!



The C.R.E.A. Cultura festival brings the school inside historic buildings and cultural spaces of the city of Foligno.

Palazzo Candiotti, current home of the Autonomous Authority and the Museum of the Giostra della Quintana, the former church of Santa Caterina and the Oratory of Crucifix will host the expo and workshops of the 2024 edition.

In addition, by showing your Festival badge at the entrance to museums in Foligno and many of the surrounding villages, you will be able to enter for free or according to the agreed price!


C.R.E.A. Cultura has many different cores. It is a community of educators of every kind that consider their work as a mission and are always looking for new pathways to carry it out to their best of their ability.

It is a collection of open educational resources, fruit of the generative and creative activity of the community. Resources freely available to all, to comply with the constraints of the Creative Commons license and to enrich the collection with your work, with a view to circularity and sustainable growth.


The C.R.E.A. Culture Festival program is made by schools for schools! Any interested institute can take an active part in the Festival by setting up one of the stands in the EXPO area or offering an experiential workshop lasting up to 2 hours and 30 minutes (registration for exhibitors and partners for the 2024 edition is officially closed).

The EXPO can be visited every day from March 20th to 22nd from 10.00 to 17.00 Participation in the workshops is open free of charge to teachers, students and anyone interested after registering online and receiving confirmation from the organizing office.


For those who want to experience an international exchange of ideas, participating in the C.R.E.A. Culture Festival is also an opportunity to join the community that will bring to life the first edition of the  Thankslinking Days, next May 20-31 2024.

Followed by CRHACK LAB F4D mentors, teachers and students from partner institutions will try their hand at creating an Augmented Reality experience that shows a connection to a Museum or other cultural venue in another country around the world.

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